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We started with a basic idea - what can we as a company do to help improve the wonderful world of esthetics? While creating our first waxing courses we had an awesome idea - let's make some physical products that can help an esthetician increase cash flow, bring benefit to their clients, and maintain a clean and sanitary work environment. And our CASS Exclusives were born!

First came our SAMs (Sanitary Area Mats) and Table Mats.

We quickly followed up with our Spa Pillows and Spa Bolsters, and mini versions of the S.A.M. and Spa Pillow. 

Plus we've added Glitter Vinyl!

Our latest; in consultation with Massage Therapists we have created the Box Edge Pillow (when your patient is in the prone position, their lower legs won't slip off the edge) and Shoulder Pillows (vinyl covered rather than the plastic coated ones generally available).

Browse through our product gallery and check them out. We welcome custom orders too!

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